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Our services


We at Global Advice collaborate with global agencies and make use of HUMINT (Human Intelligence)


With our own developed strategies, we ensure high-quality results


Global Advice complies with the requirements of the new data and privacy legislation (GDPR)

Global Advice

Our services

Global Advice offers information consultancy work that is customised to your specific problem and request.

If you would like to be further informed about our services, we kindly invite you to contact us.

You will be amazed by what Global Advice can offer you!

Among our clients are:

– Credit management organisations
– Debt collection agencies
– Financing companies
– Public utility companies
– Leasing companies
– Investment companies
– Real estate companies
– Public authorities
– Special Asset Management departments
– Fraud departments

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We deliver up-to-date and high-quality information advice.

Consulting firm Global Advice has an incisive vision and the expertise you are looking for.